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Where Are You? Search for the Truth

"The heroine divorces her abusive husband and faces challenges of her new life."

Who Are You? Planned Escape from Abuse

"The heroine plans a daring escape from her gay husband know if she fails that she will die." 


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Grow Power Self Improvement, LLC

Meet Author, Anne M. Logan

Who Are You? Planned Escape from Abuse is Anne's big debut. What began as an impromptu writing for her journal slowly blossomed into her best-selling inspirational books. Where Are You? Search for the Truth continues to inspire the reader! She's currently working on her third chronicle to the first two books. We can't wait to see what imaginative yarn she weaves next!

Anne Logan, MSN, MHSA, BSN, RN, is currently the Manager of Grow Power Self Improvement, LLC. Her nursing practice includes forty plus years in variety healthcare settings, and community colleges where she held different roles. She is currently a life coach, consultant, author, and lecturer.